Our story

Meie pere

NappySpot is a web store that belongs to a family company. Our aim is to offer high quality cloth nappies that help families to make a more environmentally friendly choice.

There are many notorious myths circling around cloth nappies and we almost tend to take it as a fact that fussing with cloth nappies is complicated, tedious and time consuming. Our family also believed these myths and what a surprise it was when we finally decided to try cloth nappies. No fuss, no time wasted. Instead, we found out that cloth nappies are wonderfully soft, they look lovely and using these is just as simple as using disposable nappies. In fact, it’s even easier - no need to take out the dirty nappies every single day :)

At the very beginning it was a bit complicated, to be honest. Delving into the new terminology and getting to know what can be used and with what took some time. We have written down all this information - look here. Or send us a message and we'll discuss it together.

In fact, the hardest part is taking the first step - deciding that yes, our family also wants to use cloth diapers. After that it will be much easier ;)

And coming back for a moment to the myths about cloth diapers, we have to remember that all these horror stories date back to the 1980s and before. Meanwhile, over 30 years have passed. Do you know any consumer goods that have not undergone colossal changes during that time? Okay, okay, let's skip the spoon and the fork. :) But really, cloth nappies have made a huge leap forward over the decades. With the development of new fabrics and technologies we now have cloth nappies that are leak free with premium absorbency, easy to use, comfy to wear, skin-friendly and of course the stylish & adorable appearance!

Compared with disposable nappies, cloth nappies are better for the environment, give you undisputable financial savings and are lacking incredible chemical composition. There aren’t any good reasons left to continue using disposable nappies, are there?