WeeKing Training Pants (36 months)

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WeeKing Training Pants help your toddler explore the world with confidence. Wide belt rib helps to adjust the pants for best fit and avoids grooving. Leg ribs have hidden separated seams to avoid any rubbing.
Besides potty training WeeKing training pants can be as well used for air baths or on the beach. Potty training pants are not waterproof, but their absorbent terry content catches one pee.

9 months: waist 48–49 cm
12 months: waist 49–51 cm
18 months: waist 51–53 cm
2 years: waist 53–55 cm
3 years: waist 55–57 cm

How to measure and choose the right size? Measure the waist from the height of the navel (standing up or lying down while inhaling). Choose the size of the pants, based on the waist size (above). If the child is significantly older than the age corresponding to the size in the table, the average of these two sizes should be chosen. For example, if the waist shows a suitable size of 9 months, but the child is actually 1y 5m old, then we recommend choosing “12-month” pants. If the child is significantly younger than the age corresponding to the size of the waist in the table, then choose the size of the trousers according to the size of the belt. The recommendations are based on the fact that the hips of older but thinner children are on average wider than younger children with the same waist.

Outer fabric and ribs 95% organic cotton, 5% spandex; inner: 100% cotton.
All fabrics comply with 100% OEKO-TEX standard.

Care and use:
* Wash organic cotton items in cold water before first use.
* Wash with cotton program in 40°C water, a mild detergent may be added.
* Hang to dry, or dry in the dryer on low heat.

Since organic cotton has not been treated with chemicals, it has retained its natural properties and that includes some shrinkage after washing. To prevent this, the products must be slightly shaped before drying.

Included: one pair of training pants

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