Ubin Wool+Linen Nappy Cover

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Ubin Wool+Linen Nappy Cover is a natural choice that you can combine with various inserts. The nappy cover is an ideal choice for the daytime. You can make the nappy cover more leakproof for longer trips and nighttime with an additional merino wool liner.
Ubin Wool+Linen Nappy Cover is a one-size nappy cover that suits your baby from birth to potty. The size can be adjusted with snaps as your baby grows. The nappy cover consists of four layers: inner layer with extra soft merino wool, two wool interlayers and an outer linen layer. 
Wool is an extremely versatile material. It is perfect both in summer and winter, it is breathable and antibacterial. In order to make wool nappy covers water resistant, it is necessary to lanolize the nappy cover. 2–3 lanolizing procedures are required to achieve maximum water resistance.

Ubin Wool+Linen Nappy Cover is thicker and therefore dries slowlier than Ubin Wool Nappy Cover. It may also need a bit more frequent lanolinization.

New design: elastic on the back and thighs are sewn to the fabric (formerly in a tunnel). As a result, nappy cover has more space and leaves less „sock marks“ on the skin.

One-size, suits most children from birth to potty.

Outer layer: 100% linen, inner and interlayers: 100% wool

Care and use:
* Wash and lanolize before first use.
* Air dry the used wet nappy cover. If the nappy cover is damp with pee, it is not necessary to wash it, because lanolin converts urine into salt and water.
* Wash dirty nappy covers by hand or use a wool wash program in water up to 30°C.
* Tumble drying, bleaching, using fabric softener and ironing are prohibited.
* Lanolize after every 3–4 washes.

Lanolizing instructions:
* Wash the nappy cover with wool detergent. Hand washing is recommended, but machine washing with a wool washing program is also allowed.
* Dissolve 1 teaspoon of pure lanolin in 1 liter of hot water. Adding a small amount of soap flakes, baby soap or wool detergent helps to dissolve. The solution should turn white.
* Wait until the water has cooled to approx. 30°C.
* Soak the nappy cover for 3–5 hours or overnight.
* Gently press the water out of the nappy cover or roll it inside a hand towel.
* Leave the nappy to dry.

Included: one nappy cover