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Ubin 100% pure lanolin (wool wax) is a yellowish fat-like substance extracted from wool. Lanolin is used for processing woolen items to achieve their water resistance. Another important property of lanolin is that lanolin converts urine to salt and water. Therefore it is not necessary to wash lanolized wool items for some time and air-drying is enough.
The melting point of lanolin is 35–37°C. The producer of lanolin is Vitabody Wellness und natürliche Pflege.

Lanolizing instructions:
* Wash the woolen items with wool detergent. Hand washing is recommended, but machine washing with a wool washing program is also allowed.
* Dissolve 1 teaspoon of pure lanolin in 1 liter of hot water. Adding a small amount of soap flakes, baby soap or wool detergent helps to dissolve. The solution should turn white.
* Wait until the water has cooled to approx. 30°C.
* Soak the woolen items for 3–5 hours or overnight.
* Gently press the water out of the woolen items or roll them inside the towel.
* Leave the woolen items to dry.

Included: 90g lanolin in a plastic jar with a screw cap.

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