Thirsties Wet Dry Bag

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Thirsties Wet Dry Bag fits all your wet stuff and dry stuff. Waterproof PUL interior and zipper closures prevent leaking and wicking. Mesh outer pocket keeps things dry. Color-coordinated strap can be used to hang bag. This two-pocket bag is environmentally friendly and economical choice, because it eliminates the need to use disposable plastic bags.

Size (width x length):
Bag measures 34x38 cm

100% polyester with waterproof PUL 

Care and use:
* Prewash on warm (up to 30°C)
* Wash on hot (60°C)
* Add another rinse on warm (up to 30°C)
* You may hang to dry, or dry in the dryer on low heat. 

Included: one bag

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