Thirsties Natural Pocket Diaper Insert

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Natural Pocket Diaper Inserts consists of two inserts of different sizes. Smaller, newborn cotton insert is soft and fast absorber. Full size hemp insert is a stable absorber and pairs perfectly behind the organic cotton to add more absorbency and prevent compression leaking. Inserts can be used individually or snapped together to provide four different absorbency and size options. 

Sizes & Composition:
Newborn insert: 100% organic cotton
Full size insert: 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton 

Care and Use:
* Prewash on warm (up to 30°C)
* Wash on hot (60°C)
* Add another rinse on warm (up to 30°C)
* You may hang to dry, or dry in the dryer on medium heat. If the diapers are stiff after line drying, you can throw them in the dryer on medium heat with some wool dryer balls to soften them.

Included: one set of inserts, consisting of two inserts snapped together

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