Thirsties Natural One Size Fitted (snaps)

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Thirsties Natural One Size Fitted is a very absorbent and irresistibly soft diaper, especially for nighttime use. For a waterproof, leak-proof system, pair the diaper with a Thirsties Duo Wrap diaper cover. 

Fitted diaper has 11 layers of bamboo and cotton. Gentle elastic around legs and waist provide protection against leaks. One size diaper provides a customizable fit for most babies from birth to potty. 

70% Rayon from bamboo, 30% cotton

Care and use:
* Prewash on warm (up to 30°C)
* Wash on hot (60°C)
* Add another rinse on warm (up to 30°C)
* You may hang to dry, or dry in the dryer on medium heat. 

Before first use:
Wash and diapers at least 3 times before use to rid the fibers of natural oils which inhibit absorption

Included: one diaper without waterproof cover

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