Pepsu Pull Up Nappy

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Pepsu Pull Up Nappy has stretchy sides and can be pulled up like pants, but the snaps can be opened to take them off. Pepsu Pull Up Nappy consists of leakfree PUL fabric on the outside and OEKO-TEX certified microfleece on the inside. There’s a pocket on the front side of the nappy where you can add different inserts (not included, all universal inserts are suitable). 

One-size pull up nappy. Snaps on the front allow you to adjust the nappy in three different width and height sizes.

Top layer: PUL fabric; inner layer: OEKO-TEX certified microfleece

Care and use:
* Pull up nappy must be washed after each change. Inserts must be removed before washing.
* Wash before first use.
* Machine wash at 60°C.
* Do not use strong stain removers, fabric softeners or vinegar.
* Hang to dry. Do not tumble dry or dry on heaters.

Included: one pull up nappy