La Petite Ourse Nappy Cover

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La Petite Ourse Nappy Cover can be used with inserts from La Petite Ourse and other manufacturers. It is a one-size nappy cover, made of waterproof PUL fabric. The nappy can be put on and taken off quickly and conveniently due to snaps.

One-size. Fits most babies weighing 5–16 kg

100% polyester

Care and use:
* prewash on cold (up to 30°C)
* wash on warm (40°C)
* add another rinse (optional) on cold (up to 30°C)
* hang to dry or tumble dry
* do not use detergent with fabric softener.

Before first use it is recommended to wash the nappy twice. Frequent drying in the sunlight may damage the nappy.

Included: one nappy cover