KINGS of my CASTLE bamboo insert

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KINGS of my CASTLE bamboo insert is a very soft and absorbent solution when using a nappy cover, pocket or all-in-one nappies. The bamboo insert consists of 3 layers of thirsty bamboo fabric. The insert can be laid flat or you can fold it for a 6-layer boost to the wet zone, where you need it the most. 

Size 1: 32x12 cm
Size 2: 39x12 cm

70% bamboo viscose, 30% organic cotton. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification.

Care and use:
* Prewash on warm (up to 30°C)
* Wash on hot (40°C)
* Add another rinse on warm (up to 30°C)
* You may hang to dry, or dry in the dryer on low heat.
* You may wash with cloth nappy detergent.
* You may use bleach.

Do not use: liquid detergent or fabric softener, detergents/soaps with enzymes, optical brighteners and/or glycerin, soap nuts. Do not iron. 

Inserts will shrink up a little after several washes. New inserts reach peak absorbance after 4–5 wash cycles.

Included: one bamboo insert