Heietigi Knitted Wool Diaper Cover (large)

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Heietigi Knitted Wool Diaper Cover is well suited for day and night use. The cover is made of wool roving (unspun pre-yarn), which is more voluminous and softer than yarn and absorbs more moisture. The baby will not get cold or hot with the wool cover. Heietigi Knitted Wool Cover lets the air through, reducing the risk of rash.
Wool is a natural and breathable fibre. You won’t have to wash the wool cover too often, because lanolin in the wool breaks down the urine into salt and water. Just hang to dry between uses. 2–3 pairs of wool covers is sufficient.


Size Colour  Height  Width (waist)   Width (belt/rib)   Thigh (rib) 
Small yellow+white 19 16 13 7.5
Small olive+white 18 16 12.5 7.5
Medium  blue+white  22 18 14 9
Medium purple+white  22 18 14 8.5
Large brown+white 23 21 16.5 10
Large orange+white 23 21 16.5 10

100% wool roving (unspun pre-yarn). Handmade in Estonia.

Care and use:
* Air-dry the wool cover between uses instead of washing. Lanolin inside the wool breaks down the urine into salt and water, so you do not have to wash too often.
* You need to wash, when the cover is dirty or starts to smell unpleasant.
* Wash by hand with lukewarm water or in a washing machine with wool wash/hand wash program.
* It is not recommended to wring the cover after washing.
* Put the wool cover neatly on a towel, roll the towel into a tube and press with your body weight to dry. Dry on a surface, avoid excessive heat as this will reduce absorbency.
* After 2–4 washes, the cover must be lanolinized. When lanolizing, soak the cover separately or together with covers of the same color.
* While using wool cover, it stretches bigger and can also become more nubbly. Washing helps to restore the size and shape. * Coloured wool covers may have colour runs, but the colour can be washed out.

Included: one wool cover

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