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Eco Mini sanitary pad is great for daytime use. This reusable pad consists of three layers. Closest to your skin is 1 layer of charcoal fleece (stay-dry feel). In the core, there is microfiber for super fast absorbency and it is backed with a layer of waterproof PUL fabric to keep the moisture locked in.

Length: 20cm.
Snapped width: 5,5cm (on smallest setting) or 6,5cm (on wider setting)

Inner: bamboo charcoal; inside and outer: polyester

Care and use:
- Do not wash hotter than 60°C, as this could cause the PUL fabric to delaminate.
- Do not use fabric softeners or oily salves as these will cause buildup in the fabric, and impair the pads absorbency over time.
- Tumble dry on low or line dry to get the most life out of your pads.

Included: 1 sanitary pad

Please note: Due to distribution rules we are not permitted to send Eco Mini items to Sweden.

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