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Eco Mini Diaper Cover is a versatile diaper cover that can be used throughout the diaper period. It is a spacious cover that fits most inserts available. 3x4 rise snaps allow for 4 different rise (size) settings. Eco Mini Diaper Cover is made from silky soft 4-way stretch PUL, which extends to the tummy side and keeps the insert in place. Double leg gussets help prevent leaks. 

Eco Mini Diaper Cover can be used over any absorbency of your choice: flats,  inserts, prefolds, fitteds, etc. And it dries really fast!

Designed to fit babies from approximately 4 kg to 16 kg 

100% PUL polyester

Care and use:
- Remove inserts to prevent strain on the fabrics during laundering.
- Store in a dry pail allowing good ventilation while you wait for laundry day.
- Prewash: cold (30°C), on shortest cycle.
- Main wash: hot, on longest cycle (40-60°C).
- Do not use bleach or softeners.
- Tumble dry on low or line dry to protect the elastics.

Included: one diaper cover

Please note: Due to distribution rules we are not permitted to send Eco Mini items to Sweden.

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