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Eco Mini Coolmax Pocket Diaper is an ideal summer diaper: it wicks moisture away from the skin and keeps your little one feeling cool and dry. It features 3x4 rise snaps to allow for 4 different rise (size) settings. Silky soft PUL outer extends to the tummy side: the PUL tummy panel helps prevent leaks. 

Eco Mini Coolmax Pocket Diaper includes one very soft 4-layer bamboo/ cotton/ microfiber insert (2 layers of microfiber incased in 2 layers of natural bamboo/ cotton fiber). This pocket diaper grows with your baby and can be used throughout the diaper period. 

Designed to fit babies from approximately 4 kg to 16 kg

4-layer insert: two outer layers 70% bamboo, 30% cotton; two inner layers 100% polyester
Diaper cover: outer layer 100% PUL polyester, inner 100% polyester 

Care and use:
- Knock solids into toilet.
- Remove inserts to prevent strain on the fabrics during laundering.
- Store in a dry pail allowing good ventilation while you wait for laundry day.
- Prewash: cold (30°C), on shortest cycle.
- Main wash: hot, on longest cycle (40-60°C).
- Do not use bleach or softeners.
- Tumble dry on low or line dry to protect the elastics.
- Do not use bum creams or oily salves as these could impair the absorbency or moisture wicking properties of your diapers. 

Included: one pocket diaper with 1 insert

Please note: Due to distribution rules we are not permitted to send Eco Mini items to Sweden.

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