Eco Mini Breastfeeding Pads

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Eco Mini Breastfeeding Pads are made from exceptionally soft bamboo fiber, which are softer than cotton. These reusable breastfeeding pads are naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, natural deodorizer, and highly absorbent. Closest to your skin is 1 layer of luxuriously soft natural bamboo terry fabric. In the core there is 1 layer of microfiber for super fast absorbency and it is backed with 1 layer of waterproof PUL fabric to keep the moisture locked in.

Pads: 12cm diameter.
Mesh bag: 19 x 22cm.

Inner: bamboo terry; medium and outer: 100% polyester.
Mesh bag: polyester

Care and use:
- Do not wash hotter than 60°C, as this could cause the PUL fabric to delaminate.
- Do not use fabric softeners or oily salves as these will cause buildup in the fabric, and impair the pads absorbency over time.
- Tumble dry on low or line dry to get the most life out of your pads.

Included: 3 pairs of pads + 1 mesh bag

Please note: Due to distribution rules we are not permitted to send Eco Mini items to Sweden.