Buuh Preflat Nappy (muslin)

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Buuh Preflat Nappy (muslin) is a super easy nappy with two layers of triple muslin fabric. This is a pleasantly airy and voluminous nappy. If needed, absorbency can be increased by adding an additional booster between the muslin layers during folding. 

Buuh Preflat Nappy (muslin) can be fastened with a Snappi and worn under wool pants or a PUL nappy cover.

Height (folded) 19 cm. Fits babies from 5.5 - 12 kg. 

Cotton 100% (OEKO-TEX certified)

Care and use:
* Machine wash on 60°C
* Hang to dry or tumble dry on low heat
* Wash before first use

Included: one preflat nappy