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Buuh Merino Wool Pants (8-12 kg)

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Buuh Merino Wool Pants is the best choice for day and night or in hot and cold conditions because of the fantastic thermoregulatory properties of wool. The wool pants are sewn from two layers of merino wool fabric. 

Wool pants need lanolinization before use. Lanolinized merino wool pants break down the urine into salt and water, so the wool pants do not need frequent washing. Lanolin makes the wool water-repellent, yet air-permeable, which is why wool pants are best for use on top of cloth nappies.

Fits babies weighing 8-12 kg.

Inner: 99% merino wool, 1% elastane (density 400 g/m2), grey
Outer: 100% merino wool (density 210-260 g/m), coloured or patterned

Care and use:
- Wash and rinse at a similar temperature, not more than 30°C.
- Lanolinize pants after washing
- Lanolinize outside in. First lanolinization could be with a stronger solution. Recipe for a standard lanolin solution is: 1 teaspoon of lanolin and 1 teaspoon of soap per 1 liter of water. During the first lanolinization, either increase the amount of lanolin and soap and / or reduce the volume of the liquid, depending on the size of the container where you soak the pants.
- Soak in lanolin mixture for 1-2h and then rinse once under running water.
- Press out excess water, do not wring. 
- Place the pants on top of the bath towel, then roll the bath towel together and step on it to squeeze out the excess water.
- Place on a flat surface to dry.

Recommendation! Put all the pants in a separate jar or other container for soaking. Fabrics can run colors. Avoid assembling light and dark coloured pants.

Included: one pair of pants