Buuh Lanolin Soap (65g)

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Buuh Lanolin Soap is of great help to wash woolen items (especially merino wool pants!) locally or entirely. Lanolin soap can be easily used to dissolve lanolin in warm water when lanolinizing nappies because it does not melt in hot water that fast. That is due to shea butter. Naturally, the soap can also be used to wash dirty wool nappy covers. Using lanolin soap helps you prolong the lanolinization intervals, but it is not a substitute for lanolin treatment. 

Buuh Lanolin Soap is hand-made and cut, so not all soaps weigh exactly the same per gram. Some soaps come with extra pieces to reach the right amount. The extra pieces can be used to make lanolinization water or you can just water-glue it to the big soap bar. 

Buuh Lanolin Soap is packaged in a sachet made of waste fabrics. The color of the fabric bag is a surprise :)

Water, coconut fat, lanolin 25%, olive oil, shea butter

Included: 1 soap, 65 grams.