Buuh Lanolin 100%

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Buuh lanolin 100% is excellent for processing woolen items to achieve their water resistance. Lanolin  is a yellowish fat-like substance obtained by refining crude wool grease separated from wool (wool wax). The melting point of lanolin is 35–37 °C.

How to lanolinize?
* Wash the wool item with a wool detergent. Hand washing is recommended, but a washing machine with a wool washing program is also allowed.
* Dissolve 1 teaspoon of pure lanolin in 1 liter of hot water. Adding a small amount of soap flakes, baby soap or wool detergent helps to dissolve. The solution should turn white.
* Wait until the water cools to approx. 30 °C.
* Soak the wool item for 3–5 hours or overnight.
* Gently press most of the water out of the wool item or roll it inside a towel.
* Leave the wool item to dry.

Included: 90 g lanolin in a metal box with a screw cap