Baby BeeHinds Large Wetbag

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* Nappy size

* Colour

Baby BeeHinds Large Wetbag is essential for every parent. The wet bag is handy to put your dirty cloth nappies in, especially when out-and-about. Airtight zipper and the water-resistant PUL fabric keep the smells and moisture contained. Large Wetbag will fit 6–8 nappies. 
Baby BeeHinds Large Wetbag will have your needs covered for years even after the nappy period. Use it as a spare clothes kit, swimming bag, picnic bag, rubbish bag, toy storage or camping bag – to name a few.  

44x34 cm (width x height)

100% polyester + PUL

Care and use:
* Prewash on warm (up to 30°C)
* Wash on hot (60°C)
* Add another rinse on warm (up to 30°C)
* You may hang to dry, or dry in the dryer on low heat.
* You may wash with cloth nappy detergent.

Included: one wetbag